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Multiple-level Organization Review

Multiple-level Organization Review

Setup objectives and goals across organisation with different locations, departments function and team. You can assign 1, 2 or 3 levels of performance appraisal review for different staff roles.

Create multiple forms for different staff groups in a single appraisal process. Identify top performers and monitor performance across the organization.

Streamline your performance evaluation process by customizing review periods, assessment templates, employee competencies and workflows.

Objectives and Goal

Objectives and Goal

Set individual, team and company goal and objectives to the growth strategy of the business.

Employees align their individual goal with companies’ goals, which improves their understanding of their contribution to the company’s success.

Automation for the Review Process

Automation for the Review Process

You can do away with Pen and Paper filling of forms and filing of papers. The Appraisal process is completed and stored online.

Performance evaluation process can be performed quarterly, half-yearly and annually with ease to fit your organization. Results for quarterly and half-yearly reviews are automatically combined and averaged. Our solution also supports staff review over multiple review periods.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback (Coming Soon)

Feedback drives productivity and engagement. Smarter Appraisal's customizable system allows building feedback with questions and rating scales that suit your company. Create valuable survey for your employee’s reviews that will help you to find what they want to do and how they feel about the company.

In the 360 degree feedback process, employee will be reviewed by the subordinates, peer (colleagues), manager, as well as a self-evaluation by employee.

Real Time Report and Analysis

Real Time Report and Analysis

SMARTER Appraisal tracks and reviews the progress of each review cycle with visually intuitive charts and dashboards. Dashboards are customized by roles. Department managers can track the progress of their respective departments.

HR/Administrator is able to view summaries at organization level and drill down to view statistics on specific division/department/section or individual staff.

Timely, personalized Reminder

Timely, Personalized Reminder

HR/Administrator is able to track and monitor the process of appraisal via intuitive dashboards and charts. Invitation to participate in the appraisal is via email.

System is able to schedule reminders for incomplete appraisals. Graphical tool is available to administer organisation chart and reporting structure.

Web-based staff performance Appraisal

Web-based Staff Performance Appraisal

Empower staff to complete their appraisal or staff reviews on the go. Appraisal submission and review can be done from any IOS or Android tablet or even smart-phones. HR can set up the Performance Appriasal forms easily and have an overall view of the staff progress in the Appraisal Review Cycle across the organization.

Web-based form Builder with predefined templates allows for Multiple question format i.e. matrix, radio button options with Real-time status or progress monitoring.



Hosted with a well-known cloud hosting provider. All access to the System is encrypted using SSL. Appraisal records are accessed base on roles and organization hierarchy.