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Popular Question

We believe that each subscriber should enjoy the benefits of using our services before starting to pay for the plan.

SmarterAppraisal offers a 30 days free trial upon signup. If our services do not meet your needs, you have the choice to discontinue with the plan. We do hope that you will continue with us beyond the free trial period.

SmarterAppraisal starts as low as USD20 a month! You can find plans and pricing here.

There's no special rates for SmarterAppraisal. All plans are priced the same for everyone, even schools and non-profits.We try to keep things affordable and on a level playing field for everyone.

Check on your appraisal anywhere and at anytime – no apps required!

Simply sign in to SmarterAppraisal with your phone or tablet’s browser and you’re all set!.


General Question

The SmarterAppraisal business model is to answer all queries via email. Currently, we do not provide for phone support. There are many benefits for our doing this:

It keeps our subscription prices low by not having a call centre and team to handle the calls. It allows us to check on your question or investigate thoroughly on the issue you encountered before we respond to you.

It allows us to collate the questions and issues encountered so that we can build up the knowledge base and this in turn will help us both. All these savings are passed on to you, in our low subscription price.

The SmarterAppraisal system was designed such that users can easily navigate their way and use the functions.

Users can refer to the detailed Help/Support section which contain topic-based information.

The Help section can be easily accessed using the Help link on the upper right of all pages. Alternatively, click on : help

If you are unable to find the answer at the Help/Support section, do drop us an email. We will respond to you via email or call you to provide guidance.

Our rates are among the lowest in the industry. Sorry, our rates are the best rates we can offer.

No. SmarterAppraisal operates as a pay-as-you-go service.

There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay on annual basis for continuous use of our service.

If you cancel the subscription, you’ll be billed up to the current month, and you won’t be billed again.

We do not pro-rate nor refund partial subscription.


Plans and Pricing

Except as otherwise stated, purchase of SmarterAppraisal's products or renewals with a subscription term of one year or more are eligible for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

Annual Automatic Renewal charges are eligible for a refund within 30 days of the renewal purchase date.

Yes. Simply click on the “Account” tab on your dashboard and you’ll see your options. Note the prevailing terms and conditions that apply to upgrading or downgrading.


About Billing

You can sign up directly to SmarterAppraisal. For upgrade/downgrade of plans, there is a module within the administration console that allows the subscriber to upgrade/downgrade his/her plans.

Different payment options are available depending on your location.
Interbank Transfers are available on worldwide basis for US Dollar based plans.

Cheque payments are accepted for subscription plans for customers based in Hong Kong and Singapore only.
Local currency cheque settlement are currently supported for the following countries:

- Singapore Dollars for Singapore registered customers
- Hong Kong Dollars for Hong Kong registered customers

(this list will be expanded in future for your convenience).

Our rates are among the lowest in the industry. Sorry, our rates are the best rates we can offer.

There will not be any refund for the balance of the subscription period upon cancellation of subscription.

Refunds are only issued in limited circumstances.

If you have made a manual overpayment, you should inform us during cancellation of your subscription.

Invoices are easily downloadable from your SmarterAppraisal account.

Thus, we do not send it out. It is part of our effort to be environmentally friendly.

The SmarterAppraisal account owner can log in to the SmarterAppraisal account, click on the Account tab and download the required invoice.

All invoices posted to the account will be listed there.


Help and Support

Need more help? Click on the button and submit a support
request to our service centre.