Setting up

Step by step guide to help you get started

Follow the steps to build your performance appraisal

Get Started

Follow the steps given in the system start up to build your performance appraisal

Setting up your company profile and details

Set your site settings

Setting up your company profile and details

Identify the role across the organization

Set Organization chart

Identify the role of your department across the organization

Add employees into organization unit

Add user into organization unit

Add your employees which base on the department they belong to.

Set up goal for the company’s growth strategy

Set up goal for each organization unit

Manager and employee setting goals for the company’s growth strategy.

Create competency list

Create competency list

Create competencies and questions are easy to organize your form into section.


Create Appraisal Review Cycle

Step by step guide to help you create Appraisal Review Cycle

Setting up your appraisal review cycle and details

Create review cycle

Start creates appraisal by setting up the duration of appraisal review and the details.

Appraisal Form workflow setup for your review

Appraisal form workflow setup

Choose the workflow routing option for your appraisal reviews.

Build your appraisal form

Create appraisal form

Build up your form by adding questions and rating scales.

Customize appraisal form with multiple question format

Customize appraisal form with other question types

Using predefined templates Multiple question format i.e. matrix radio button options.

Appraisal form assignment

Appraisal form assignment

Assign forms to Designation

Appraisal status of your employee appraisal progress

Appraisal Status

Check the status of your employee appraisal progress


Start Your Appraisal

Sneak preview of your Appraisal Flow

Overall view of Appraisal Cover page

Start Appraisal Cover page

Cover page gives you an overall view of the information and progress of the appraisal

Give feedback for you employee appraisal

Write employee appraisal

Give comments and feedback for your employee appraisal

Designated head for appraisal review

Designated head for review

Send your appraisal to the designated head or manager for review


Real Time Report

Manager and HR can generate real time reports and analyse data anytime

Ranking Assessment

Ranking Assessment

Select and filter by unit, designation and employee and do the ranking within the group

Moderate Score

Moderate Score

HR have the ability to moderate the score

Compare the final result of appraisal review

Compare the Appraisal Review

Compare the final result with the expected result that was set beforehand

Compare score between employees within organization

Compare Score between Employees

You can choose employees to compare the scoring within organization

Top Performer Report across the organization

Top Performer Report

Identify top performers and monitor performance across the organization

Intuitive chart for the comparison by year

Intuitive chart for the comparison

Intuitive chart for comparison of employee appraisal results by year